Monday, January 05, 2009

Being Organised

Something I'm determined to work on in this new year is to get my study into order. For this past wee while, things have been all over the place - books sitting everywhere except on the shelves, clutter on the floor, and piles of papers where I should be able to see my desk.

My excuse is that I know where everything is when it's like this - if it was tidy, then I wouldn't know where anything was. But this morning it has become serious. On Friday when I started work again, I made a list of the various talks and studies I've to do over the next couple of weeks so that I know what I'm working towards, and the various deadlines.

All good. Until this morning, when I couldn't find the list! Oops! Good job I have most of it committed to memory, and I know what's on this week. Tidying and studying both essential tasks to be done...

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