Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Books Read 2008

I mentioned previously about my neglecting to record the books I read last year. It annoyed me that I hadn't, so I set about trying to remember the books and list them. I don't think I have a full list, but here are the 23 books I can definitely remember reading in 2008:

The Medici Secret: Michael White
Sex God: Rob Bell
Surprised By Hope: Tom Wright
Life With God: Richard Foster
Inside Narnia: Devin Brown
Knowing The Holy Spirit Through the Old Testament: Christopher Wright
Playing For Pizza: John Grisham
All To Bring Victoria Home: Delwyn Jones-Schmidt
Give Me This Mountain: Helen Roseveare
He Gave Us A Valley: Helen Roseveare
Vintage Jesus: Mark Driscoll & Gerry Breshears
How Long, O Lord?: Don Carson
The Dawkins Delusion: Alister McGrath
Velvet Elvis: Rob Bell
3:16 The Numbers of Hope: Max Lucado
The Work of the Pastor: William Still
M'Cheyne From The Pew: William Lamb
Knowing God the Father Through the Old Testament: Christopher Wright
The Lord From Heaven: Leon Morris
Five Festal Garments: Barry G Webb
The Understudy: David Nicholls
The Living Church: John Stott
Why We're Not Emergent: Kevin Deyoung & Ted Kluck

These are listed in the order I could remember them, not the order of either importance or reading order. Some very good books in the list, and several fiction - I think this is the section I can't remember as well. The 23 or so is well down on the 78 I managed in 2007, but changing circumstances mean changing patterns of reading.


  1. Hi Gary

    I enjoyed reading your book list. Did you enjoy the book by John Grisham? It is fiction I imagine. I haven't read any of Grisham's books for a while, but fancy some low intensity reading. Does it fit the bill?


    George Ruddell

  2. Hi George! The John Grisham book would fit the bill - it's like most of his others, gripping and a great story. One thing to be careful of though - this is the second of his American Football novels (the first being Bleachers). This one is slightly more accessible as it follows an American pro who moves to Italy to play in the league there, so there's lots of travel references and Italian sunshine as well as the technical terms of American Football. A great read.

    Did you know that John Grisham has published his first non-fiction book - The Innocent Man, which tells the story of someone who was on death row despite being innocent. I haven't read it yet, but it's on my to-do pile this year.