Friday, October 02, 2009

First Fireworks

It's Harvest Thanksgiving weekend in St Elizabeth's, with a special Harvest Gift Day for Building for the Gospel on Sunday. The weekend began tonight with a Harvest Supper in the Burton Hall. Over 100 people packed in enjoying good fellowship over great food and scrumptious desserts! One of my Curate predecessors, Jim McMaster, recently retired Rector of St Nicholas' Carrickfergus, gave an epilogue. Between the courses there was also musical entertainment on the piano and violin.

Right at the end of Grieg's Nocturne, we heard the first firework (banger) of the year, just outside the hall. The timing was impeccable. A humorous moment, but also an ominous sign of the loud bangs and explosions between now and Halloween. Johnny (Youth Leader) and myself went outside to see what was happening, and to their credit, the local police patrol was just turning in the church carpark having chased them towards the Moat Park.

Will there be as many illegal fireworks in Belfast this October? Let's hope not, but I'm surprised that the first firework wasn't heard until the 2nd of October. Maybe we're in for a quieter autumn.

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