Wednesday, October 28, 2009

McFlurry's McLinks (9)

It's been over a month since the last set of links in the McFlurry's McLinks format, so here goes. Here are some of the interesting things I've recently read from other blogs and sites:

The Reformed Workaholic reflects on a recent bomb scare in Belfast.

I'm increasingly enjoying Stuff Christians Like. Check out his posts on Sermon Body Language (which do you do?), Coming to Church Late, and the Booty, God Booty remix.

On the art of preaching, Kevin De Young warns against being too predictable with application always at the end, while Unashamed Workman highlights Ligon Duncan's thoughts on sermon prep time, while Dave Bish asks how you would summarise the Old Testament in eight sessions.

Straight Up asks if we are making disciples or making disciple-makers. Dave Bish talks about ice cream evangelism. Bishop Alan shares an imagined child's experience of church.

Next month we'll be having a special service for those who have been recently bereaved, which made Al Mohler's observations of a liberal Unitarian pastor's passing interesting - life after death or love after death?

Irish Calvinist writes on how pocket New Testaments aren't helpful. Kevin De Young is worried about Rob Bell's theology. Al Mohler reflects on Jack Spong's refusal to debate homosexuality any more, while the Lutherans get confused on their bound consciences. The Simple Pastor reviews a book on Homosexuality and the Bible.

I liked this piece on peace from shallowfrozenwater, and also his letter to his 16 year old self.

Churches don't normally celebrate Hallowe'en, what with it being satanic and all that. Some (like ours) organise an alternative to Hallowe'en, celebrating Jesus as the light of the world, but one church in America is having a bonfire of satanic material - namely Bibles, and books by (among others) John Piper and Mark Driskol (sic). See reports by Church Mouse and Erik Raymond.

And, as always, we finish our broadcast with a funny video. With November just around the corner, and just 58 days to Christmas, here's Michael McIntyre's take on it all:


  1. wow, thanks for the link. i remember getting linked to in the past but usually it's for cool stuff that i find that other people wrote. you've picked on a couple things that came right from me so thanks for reading. i really do appreciate it.

  2. No problem! I'm glad to be linking to thoughtful, insightful and good blog posts, and you certainly fit those categories!