Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Review

This is now the 35th posting in October, and the 390th post of 2009. So what has happened on the blog in October

My preaching included a visit to Ballyward and Rathfriland, with sermons from Isaiah 55, which was subsequently remixed (audio). There was also Job's turmoil from Job 3 (audio), Remembering James the Brother of our Lord from Mark 3, and Jesus the Life-Giver from John 5. We also had a blog-through Bible study of Jonah, see total Jonah for the full series.

My reading was bitty this month, with portions of books being read for CME (so-called Potty Training), Select Vestry, and plugging away at various books which reside in the car, at the lunch table, beside the bed and in the study. In fact, I almost thought I wasn't going to finish any books in October, but managed to finish and review Preach The Word. There were also quotations from Don Carson, CS Lewis, and David Jackman.

What's on your iPod petered out due to busyness, but not before we covered Maria May and Men and Monsters.

We also thought about Bodies in New York.

Links will be added in at a later date, but you can go exploring now!

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