Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Cook Off!

So last night we had our Ready Steady Cook event in church as a fundraiser for our Building for the Gospel project. Our Youth Worker Johnny and myself were each given a bag of ingredients and had to make a little meal out of it. In my bag, I found some milk, eggs, cheese, scallions (spring onions), garlic, and bacon, so I made a set of mini quiches. Thankfully they turned out well, and I even managed to win the audience vote, although Johnny's spinach pastry diamonds won the special judge's vote.


We had over 100 people in the Burton Hall, which made me a bit nervous - normally I'm cooking for myself and my wife or one or two others, but with a big crowd, it was a bit fierce! The evening was hosted by The Pampered Chef, using all their bakeware and utensils, with the building project benefitting from a percentage of the cookware sales. As well as the samples that Johnny and I produced, there was also a tasty supper for everyone. A great night, even though they didn't warn me in college of some of the things that come with being a minister!

015/365:2010 Ready Steady Cook!

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