Friday, January 22, 2010

Covenants and Commissionings

It's been a busy week. Following the (belated) fifth birthday of the blog, I've been unable to blog with lots going on in the parish. On Wednesday, we had our quarterly visit to the Evangelical Bookshop to turn around the church bookstall. So there's lots of shiny new books available in the back right corner of the church building.

Wednesday night we had our Fellowship Group, continuing our year-long study in the letter to the Hebrews. We reached chapter 8 and looked at Jesus being the mediator of a better covenant, and considered how the earthly Tabernacle was a copy and shadow of the heavenly throne room, and how the new Covenant supersedes the old Covenant of Sinai. A tough study (probably because of the idiot leading it), but with hard work comes great reward as we dug down deep into God's word. I'm considering some blogging on the relationship of the old covenant to the new covenant, but they'll come perhaps later next week.

Tonight, it's off to St Saviours Dollingstown, my old stomping ground, for the commissioning service for the new Ireland Team Leader of the Evangelical Anglican Mission Agency, Crosslinks. Bishop Wallace Benn is preaching at the service, and it should be a good and God-honouring evening.

That's all for now - more updates coming shortly soon...

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