Monday, March 22, 2010

Book Review: Scandalous

Don Carson has long been one of my favourite Bible teachers, preachers and authors. This year I've been wading my way through his epic commentary on the Gospel according to John. At times, it must be admitted, he can be hard going to read, such is the depth to his thinking and writing. Yet his latest book is not one of those occasions. Scandalous is a simple to read thorough explanation of five key Bible passages on the theme of the Lord Jesus' death and resurrection.

The chapters were previously presented as a Day with Dr Don at Mars Hill Church - I had listened to the sermon audio perhaps a year ago, so recognised some of the illustrations. Yet even so, it was a great and valuable introduction to the cross and resurrection, and all the more so to have it in book format to return and savour many times.

The main themes raised are the ironies of the crucifixion from Matthew 27 (the way he divides the passage is something I wish I had spotted!), the very centre of the Bible in Romans 3, the strange triumph of a slain lamb (Revelation 12), the surprises of the raising of Lazarus (John 11), and the role of 'doubting Thomas' and how helpful he is.

I've already quoted one section of the book in a previous posting, and could provide many
more quotations from the book! What was particularly interesting was to read his sermon on John 11 having previously read the huge section on John 11 from his commentary, to notice what is left in and what isn't shared in order to pursue the precise explanation and apply it to the readers or hearers.

A brilliant book, and well worth reading, particularly as we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

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