Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three Ways To Live

The second night of our Holy Week meetings in Dundonald, this time in St Elizabeth's, and we had an interesting night with the rough weather blinking the lights on and off through the sermon. Andy Lines was speaking from Mark 10:32-45. Here's an outline of what he said.

1. The way of the Son of Man - the way to the cross, to be rejected and killed, serving and giving his life as a ransom for many. This way f living has been taken, and we can't live this way.

2. The way of the world - self-interest, we see this in James and John asking for the places of honour in the kingdom, and the ten being indignant because they didn't get in there first. Gentile rulers live this way, and everyone lives this way, out for themselves and what they can get.

3 The way of the cross - the followers of Jesus, those who are served by the Son of Man, who has died for them. The way we live is the way Jesus lived, not to be served but to serve, to take up our cross as we follow him.

So, are you being served?

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