Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 2010 Review

22 posts this month (including this one), which again is down on last year, but things have been busy, and I'm not blogging just as frequently as I did last year. All in all, we've had 77 posts so far this year, which isn't bad, out of 90 days.

March is (becoming) traditionally our holiday month, so once again it was nice to have a little holiday last week over in Lanzarote to catch up on some warmth, sun, and reading. So while the posts were down (with a pleasant and almost complete break from the internet), the books read were up - some reviews still to come, but so far this month I've reviewed Journey by Alec Motyer; The God I Don't Understand by Christopher Wright; Scandalous by Don Carson, Dissolution by CJ Sansom; and The Trellis and the Vine by Col Marshall and Tony Payne.

Also, partly due to holidays, youth weekends, and a visiting preacher, I didn't actually preach in St Elizabeth's for the whole month of March. Remarkable! Yet I was still preaching and teaching, with several funerals conducted (the sermons of which I don't publish online as some may be recycled), and one of the Bible overview sessions, which I didn't put up, and this sermon from James 1:18-27 from Mindset, the Youth Leaders' Training Network (next meeting on 13th April).

In other news, there was some schools' cup rugby action (with saddening results), and some scattered thoughts on greetings and fellowship from Romans, some contrasts between Demas and Mark from 2 Timothy, and some Holy Week thoughts from Dundonald Bible Week.

My favourite post of the month is on which Bible version.

The 365 photo of the month was:
084/365:2010 Under the Sea

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