Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Observances

Today is, of course, Easter Sunday, the day when we especially recall the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Although, we rightly remember Jesus' resurrection every Sunday - hence why it is known as the Lord's Day. Anyway, this morning I began a new way of observing Easter - although others have been doing it for a long time.

No, not stuffing myself with chocolate - that will probably come later! No, shortly after dawn this morning, I joined my brothers and sisters from the churches in Dromore on top of Dromore Mound (Motte and Bailey). The service began at 7am, in the faint light, and as we sang of the resurrection, the sunlight became brighter! We sang three hymns, prayed together, and heard a Bible reading (Luke 24) and a short sermon. Rather special, something I'm glad I did.

The service was hosted by Banbridge Road Presbyterian Church, so we went back to the Bann Road halls afterwards for breakfast - bacon butties all round! I reckon there were at least 100 people at it in total.

Then, in a move from the informal and outdoor service, we went to the 'early' Communion service in the Cathedral. The service was Communion 1, so it was conducted in the language of 1662. Because the Communion services in College are mostly in contemporary language, it was nice to be back to the old familiar words (well, the ones that I got right anyways - I made a few mistakes!), and the intimate service in the Chancel of the Cathedral.

For my third Easter morning service, it was back to the Cathedral again, where we had the joint Easter Celebration - as the 10am and 11.30am congregations combined for the service. The choir did the anthem 'Blessed be the God and Father' by SS Wesley, which is made up of words from 1 Peter 1. I then assisted with the Chalice at Communion.

And so ends a busy Easter morning. Now I'm just waiting on the big turkey dinner! (No lamb in our house). Sadly, though, Lyns has returned to Scotland again this afternoon, as her Easter holidays have ended. :(

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  1. You know I made a trip up to the Mound around midnight on Good Friday (with husband, son and torch) to see if I could see anyone. Made a few phone calls about a service on the Mound. No joy, thought it wasn't happening this year. Should have asked you. I am so sorry I missed this!