Saturday, April 28, 2007

I KilKenny-ed!

Term has finished; all the classes are over; just the exams to go. To celebrate the end of the year, we have a college community weekend, where the families join us for a weekend of fun and fellowship.

That being so, and me having no classes on a Friday, I had all of yesterday free. So off I set for Kilkenny! I'll be in the city a lot next week, for both General Synod and also for a wedding, and I wanted to see how long it would take to get there in the car, and also to find where the various things I'll need are situated.

Having spent almost two hours driving to get there, I then realised I would need to get accommodation for the Synod days as I don't fancy driving down and up each day. So it was into the very helpful tourist office, and they fixed me up with a room for the two nights of Synod. Much better than driving for four hours each day!

I had a wander about the city centre, marvelling at the very narrow streets, and the abundance of book shops! I was very sad to discover, though, that once again, I had forgotten my camera. So the nice view of the Castle from the bridge (with the Castle reflected in the water) or the quaint streets could not be photographed. Well, on this visit anyway.

I travelled down via the M7/N9 route, and decided I fancied a change on the way back. On reaching Carlow, it was off cross-country to link up with the N81, coming back via Blessington. Forget the six counties challenge in Northern Ireland, I reckon I was in more than that yesterday!

I'm now looking forward to my return to the city, and hopefully some more exploring further south in the near future (as I've never been so far south in Ireland before!)

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