Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Was it a martyrdom?

Just a very quick posting, as I'm leading chapel in the morning so need to be up early! For all you football fans eagerly waiting for the result, here it is:

Church of Ireland Theological College 1 - 8 Union College.

Given that it was just 2-0 at half time, the Union team played really well in the second half, taking most of their chances. I managed to get the fourth goal on video (I think - I haven't watched it back yet) and will duly post it on Youtube. Also, some pictures will be up over the weekend on Flickr - I can't upload them on our wireless network.


  1. Obviously the talent and athletic ability of the presbyterians is too much for the CITC-ers to handle! :) Well done the presby's!

  2. Correction on the scoreline. It was 7-1!

    It was an enjoyable game for all involved. It was good to make contact with fellow Christians and build new friendships.

    Well done to all for making it such a success, espcially Union!