Saturday, August 11, 2007

Umbrellas at Derry Day

Originally uploaded by Gary McMurray.

I think this photo best sums up Derry Day for me. The parade's on, the crowds are out to watch, but more than anything else, the umbrellas are up!

As I'm going to miss Black Saturday in a couple of weeks time, I decided to give mum and my auntie the option of going to either the Black parade in Lisnaskea or the Apprentice Boys of Derry 'Relief of Derry' parade in Londonderry. They chose the north-west, and so we went.

Well, it never stopped raining the whole day, and I was absolutely soaked. Right through to the boxers (which is probably too much information!), so that the car seat is still wet now, after several hours of me being in the house.

Lots more photos of the day are available by clicking on this photo - it will take you through to my Flickr site. So, in conclusion, Derry has been relieved!

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