Wednesday, September 05, 2007


A week is a long time in politics, but such a short time at home! The week that Lyns and me have had at home is coming to an end, as we head off to bonny Scotland in the morning. Families have been visited and news caught up on. So here goes on the final year at college for both of us - Lyns starting a bit earlier than me - I still have a couple of weeks off.

I haven't gotten back into the swing of the blog since coming home, but I'm sure I will as the routine starts up again. Keep checking back for some news and reviews, and the odd sermon, when I have my new college placement started. On that front, I was chatting to a rector today so things are getting sorted on that front. More news when I know for sure!

Right, gotta go pack and then get to sleep. Taking the car this time so it's an early start for the Larne boat.

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