Sunday, September 30, 2007

Student Reader

Through my time at college, there are new places to go and new things to do. This morning was one such. For third year, I'm going to be working as a Student Reader in the grouped parishes of Drumgath and Drumgooland. All the D's (to go with Dromore, Dublin and Dundee). Drum where, you might be asking. Drumgooland Parish Church is in the village of Ballyward, between Banbridge and Castlewellan, and Drumgath Parish Church is in the town of Rathfriland. Mourne Country.

While my placement hasn't started yet, I was down with the two congregations this morning to see how the service works and to be introduced to the people. Both great wee churches, and I'm looking forward to working there. It was harvest thanksgiving in Ballyward, and the choir were in fine form, leading us in giving thanks for the bountiful harvest.

Please pray for David, their rector, and the people as I come among them to labour for the gospel. Oh, and on that note, I'll hopefully have a new prayer letter available soon, maybe even this week!

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