Friday, September 28, 2007

Week One Done

There's the first week finished at college, just another 1 pre-term week, 22 term weeks, 3 study weeks, and 2 weeks of exams. Oh, and the holidays in between those at Christmas and Easter. And that will be it done!

It's been strange being back - after four months of holidays, it's funny being back and seeing everyone again. And, of course, meeting the newcomers. A great bunch, all in, and we've been having some good laughs already. It's amazing how quickly you adapt back into the college routine - the chapel services, the meals, the hot chocolate, patrolling the corridors late on. It soon comes back to you.

We were looking at marriage all week. As I said in my feedback, the good thing is it hasn't put me off! Such a lot of stuff to take in though; I found the week quite long and very tiring. Next week is going to be the Youth Ministry week - should be a bit of craic!

Oh - while I'm on, remember the Tileagd Children's Choir concert in Richhill Presbyterian Church on Saturday night, starting at 7.30pm.

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  1. If you get any good Youth Ministry tips remember to pass them on!!!