Friday, February 15, 2008


Have you ever had one of those days when no matter where you turn, you bump into someone you know? Today was one of those days for me. This afternoon I was down in Hillsborough Forest Park, having a walk around the lake and the fort, trying out my new camera (Canon EOS 400D SLR). And every few minutes, I saw someone else. First up was Nigel Parker, then Dan and Primrose Avila (nee Leahy) - who I hadn't seen in aaaaages; then David McCarthy's mum. Nice accidental bumpings...


  1. Was she drivin the bus!? :D
    Quality camera you've got there, all the best with it!

  2. What was wrong with the camera you had? The pictures with the "old" camera look marvellous. Is it a man thing? Just think how many buttonholes you could buy instead.
    PS Paul thinks the "new" camera's not bad either.

  3. The old camera, well, it was great for the two years I had it. But the sensor has gone now (a common problem) and so it refused to take shots in any kind of sunlight. All you would get is a white screen, or a faded image with lines along it... So yeah, the new camera was needed, and wasn't just a 'man thing.' :p