Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On Human Nature

Driving home the other night, I couldn't help feeling that republican ethics are somewhat screwed up. The news on Cool FM was reporting about the driver of Gerry Adams, who it appears was an informer for the British. Despite there being 'peace' in Northern Ireland, he has fled the province and is living in protective custody on the mainland.

The radio news had a snippet of an interview with one of the Sinn Fein Assembly Members, who was speaking about his case. The Sinn Fein MLA talked about how the British had always tried to recruit people involved in the republican movement to provide information. Most people refused to give in, but sometimes, individuals succumbed to the pressure, or the lure of the rewards - and that was just human nature, he supposed.

I found this comment incredibly ironic. For members of the republican movement to complain about someone's ethics in the selling of information is a sick joke. These are the same people who willingly and deliberately set out to murder and maim hundreds of innocent men, women and children. Or maybe there's a different set of ethics for murder than for greed?

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