Monday, February 25, 2008

Enniskillen by night

Enniskillen by night
Originally uploaded by Gary McMurray.

As I said in my last post, I was down in Fermanagh at the weekend. Rather than driving home to Dromore on Thursday and then to Fermanagh on Friday, I went direct from Dublin to Fermanagh on Friday, along the N3. It was new territory for me as I had never properly been in Cavan before - either the county or the town.

I got a few pictures of churches along the way, but they're not online yet. I reached Enniskillen at about 3.30pm on Friday and had a wander about the town with my camera. Then, as the dusk fell, I noticed the lights coming on at the Cathedral, the Cole monument, and the Castle.

Heading out the Sligo road, I found a car park beside a jetty, and got this picture! I'm really chuffed with it, as lough Erne managed to stay calm to allow the reflection to happen!

I've a few more in the set to upload, but I had to get this one online as soon as possible!

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