Friday, February 01, 2008

How Great Thou Art

So here it is, a new version of the slideshow I used in the Spirituality class the other day. These are all my own photographs, and the music is 'How Great Thou Art'.


  1. Very nice! You put LOADS of the jellyfish in though! Lol. That made me laugh! Nice to see that you remember the most important aspects of that day! :P :P

    Also one question...You know the picture from the plane? Was that the picture I took on the way back from Romania or were you just inspired by my one-off wonderful photographic idea?! :P


  2. To answer the question first, the plane picture is of the sunrise over Dublin as I flew to Edinburgh in November. But yeah, it was inspired by your own idea!

    There were just two photos of the jellyfish - I didn't realise one of them would appear as the very middle of the presentation (which then is the screenshot in YouTube). I thought the photos were cool though, and indeed from a very special day!