Wednesday, September 09, 2009


New York is waking up to the 9th September 2009, or 09/09/09. President Obama will shortly arrive in town for the Memorial Service for Walter Cronkite, the veteran US TV news presenter. So our last full day could be quite busy if there's a presidential motorcade towards the Lincoln Centre.

We've had a good week with some sightseeing, some shopping and lots of things to talk about on the blog in the days to come. Watch this space for thoughts from Redeemer Church, the Bodies exhibition, the Natural History Museum, and other Big Apple wonders.

For now though, it's enough to say that we saw the filming of Sex and the City 2 taking place yesterday, just opposite the Apple Store on Fifth. Sarah Jessica Parker and the others were repeatedly walking into one of the expensive designer shops, causing traffic congestion and big crowds of people trying to catch a glimpse of the actors. Don't think you'll see me when the movie is released, not that you would watch that rubbish anyway!

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