Saturday, September 19, 2009

McFlurry's McLinks (8)

It's been almost a month since the last McFlurry's McLinks, and it's looking like this could be a supersize version with a lot of great blogs and websites being read and ready to be recommended:

Irish Calvinist warns against selfishly using God, as well as wondering what he would do to the evangelical church is he were Satan.

Kevin De Young reflects on mission and not being able to do it all. He also critiques Karen Armstrong's defence of God techniques. (Al Mohler also comments on Armstrong).

The Ugley Vicar (whom I missed on his recent visit to Belfast and my own parish) reviews the latest Tarantino flick.

étrangère asks if Christ really is our cornerstone. She also ponders the WWJD message, which is really another gospel.

I've been linking to some material highlighted by David Keen recently, and he also shared the 'Doesn't Count List' from Stuff Christians Like (also check out letting online people know you're married and the multi-multi-point sermon.) Dave also discusses the world ending in 2012, and a modern-day acted parable.

Adrian Warnock hosted a guest post by Sam Allberry on Islamic Christianity.

Ben Yong (Dr) ponders his pager number.

For you Lord of the Rings fans, Josh Harris compares Gollum's obsession with his precious and our obsession with sin. Meanwhile Slacktivist offers a theology of vampires and crosses.

In the funnies, Ali shares a Father Ted moment... There's also the earth-bound pet plan in case of rapture, and in a newly linked blog, Ten Digit Lumber provides a groan-fest of puns (which I enjoyed).

And for the geek amongst you, there's Quaerentia's favourite iPhone apps.

McFlurry's McLinks seems to always finish off with a funny video, so here's the Youth MiniStarz:

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