Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Review

It's the final blog post of September, the 34th, so it's review time again. I've never written as many as 34 blog posts in a September before, so 2009 again makes a new record. On the running total, we're up to 355 of the year, so if October yields ten posts, then we'll have one for every day of the year. What has September held on the McFlurry blog?

In the world of blogging, there was the excitement of the Christian Blog Awards, as finalists were announced, and winners revealed. No prizes here, but then it's not what I'm after in the first place.

Musically, we had a little update, lords, lots of love, and a mad man. (Sounds like a soap opera in the Houses of Parliament, doesn't it?) There was also the video of Select Blendz.

New York, New York was our destination for a week of holiday, and there were some reflections on dangerous diversity, and the 'real' Jews.

Three books were read this month, so there were reviews on Out of the Storm (Job), The Year of Living Biblically, and The Lost Symbol.

This month's preaching was from Job 1 (audio) and Psalm 148 (audio).

As a demonstration of the breadth of material we cover on the blog, there were random pieces on conversions, clairvoyancy, television, history, CK fragrances and some helpful quotations on fellowship and preaching, and our flexible friend.

My favourite posting of the month was probably without many words, just the image of goggles!

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