Saturday, November 14, 2009

By the Buy

Perhaps I should have been a sub-editor. Spelling mistakes just leap out at me. They call out wherever I turn, and give me no piece peace. There's a couple on the same 'loyalist' mural down on the Newtownards Road - I always mean to stop and get a photo of it, but haven't bothered yet - the two words in question are 'repubiclan' and 'miltary'.

Today I spotted an interesting one in a shop in Bangor. There was a basket containing packets of crisps which were reduced because it was: 'Past sell-buy date.' First of all, I haven't heard 'sell-by' being used in ages - it's always 'Best Before' or 'Use By' these days. But these crisps were past their sell-by date! Somewhat confusing, though, for the sign writer, what with buy and by sounding the same... I didn't risk the out of date crisps - I didn't think they would be a good buy!

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