Saturday, November 28, 2009

Internet: Isolation or Inclusion?

Does the Internet draw people together or separate people? Most folk seem to think that the upcoming generations are becoming withdrawn, only interacting through the medium of a computer monitor or mobile phone text message. The interweb must be a bad thing and people need to re-learn how to interact in 'real' life.

Even when communicating through msn messenger or google talk, everyone sits in their own house in front of their own computer, being isolated. Perhaps it's just becoming normal. For example, Facebook tries to be helpful by suggesting friends of friends you may like to add as your own friend too. Fair enough, but now it's going a stage further by bringing up the wee box with suggestions of friends to reconnect with. The other day I was sitting and in the suggestions box there was one of the ladies from church. You haven't spoken to Ruth on Facebook recently, why not write on her wall? Well, why would I talk on facebook when I've seen her at church meetings and events and talked to her there???

An example of the Internet bringing people together is the Flickrmeet. The what? The Flickrmeet. It's a group of photography enthusiasts who use the website Flickr and meet up to go on a photowalk. We had one last week in Belfast, around the Christmas Continental Market at the City Hall and on to Victoria Square to get some photos of the dome. A great night with some good friends. Plenty of laughs, some new knowledge and tips for the camera, and a couple of good shots.

Say hi to Clair, Bernie, Faye, Steve and Jonny!

Continental Market

Christmas Night Dome

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