Monday, February 28, 2011

February 2011 Review

Well, February is a short month, and things have been busy, so the blog has suffered somewhat. Twenty blog posts, and here's a summary of what's been happening.

My preaching has been mainly focused on the life of Elijah, from 1 Kings 19 (audio) and again (audio), 2 Kings 2, as well as Titus 2 (audio) and Luke 2.

There were two book reviews this month (with a third book read but not reviewed): We Don't Know What We're Doing by Adrian Chiles and The Archer and the Arrow by Phillip Jensen and Paul Grimmond. Still on books, we thought about why and how to run a church bookstall.

There were links galore, as well the Twittering clergy update, and articles on being underage, the White Stripes, and love on Valentine's Day.

My favourite post of the month was Grace Misplaced, and my photo of the past month was taken on Saturday at Portstewart Strand:
Towards Mussenden

Farewell February as March comes marching on...

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