Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I can exclusively reveal that the new Archbishop of Dublin is... not going to be me! While it would be a quare move from first Curacy to Archbishop, it won't be happening. The Episcopal Electoral College meets today in Dublin to celebrate Communion, consider what is required in a bishop, and to propose and vote on the new Archbishop.

However it's happening just too early for me to be considered. Three months too early, to be precise. You may not realise it, but there are minimum ages for deacons, presbyters (or priests) and bishops in the Church of Ireland: 23, 24 and 30 respectively. Here's what the Constitution says regarding the election of bishops:

12. At every meeting of an Electoral College there shall be in the first instance an informal discussion, after which any member of the College may propose a bishop or priest of not less than thirty years of age for consideration by the College. Each proposer shall state the age of the person proposed and shall give a summary of that person’s academic career and ministerial service. All voting shall be by orders, the bishops if they wish to vote voting as members of the clerical order. The President shall be entitled to vote in the same way as other members of the College. The voting shall be conducted in such manner as the President may determine, and may be repeated once or more often. Informal discussion may likewise precede the taking of any repeated vote. The President’s decision regarding any dispute as to the voting shall be final. The President may adjourn the meeting from time to time. (Chapter VI, Part I, Section 12)

Pray today for the college, the candidates considered, and the proposed new Archbishop.

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