Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, that was a strange couple of days, wasn't it? Blogger has been unavailable for several days, with a read-only capability and no means for writing comments, publishing posts or keeping the blog up to date. At the present, my most recent post (McFlurry's McLinks 24) has vanished, missing in action, AWOL.

Twitter was full of bloggers lamenting the lost of Blogger, Twitter being their only opportunity to vent, having been silenced on the Google-owned Blogger. My Google Reader threads were a lot lighter, showing (in an unscientific way) just how many blogs depend on Blogger.

Let's hope that it remains stable for a bit longer now and we get back to the usually great service from the folks at Blogger.

1 comment :

  1. Missed your blog a lot! Glad you're back.