Thursday, May 12, 2011

McFlurry's McLinks (24)

It's been over a month since the last batch of internet goodies, so here we are - tuck in!

In theology, Kevin DeYoung writes of the double danger. Ordinary Pastor reminds us that Jesus read his Bible. And some reasons not to join a church. The confessing student worker risks being controversial on the KJV.

For some devotional writing, David Campton had a week of reflections and liturgies based on the "I am" sayings - here's the shepherd saying. Dave Bish looks at the Messiah and his Technicolour Dreamcoat. As my boss begins his sabbatical, he's also begun a blog, with this sampler from Isaiah 1:1.

In books, The Simple Pastor was asking about the top 100 books to go travelling with him next year. Claire's book is now available in preview format and she wants some feedback.

On the subject of technology, as well as learning lots about politics this month, Iced Coffee thought about iPhone tracking. Check out this Clients From Hell dialogue on is email internet. Challies considers Matthew 18 in a shrinking world.

Easter has come and gone, but you can be prepared for next year with these Resurrection Eggs from The Vicar's Wife. Similarly, it might look like an underground map, but check out the Holy Week visualisation from the Bible Gateway Blog. Daniel also had an image for Good Friday.

Linked to the royal wedding, étrangère wrote about wedding season, and looking forward to the even bigger wedding day ahead; Josh Harris links to a proposal hidden in a crossword puzzle. Lastplaceyoulook considers the princess preference.

For the video this month, I've recently been seeing lots of the Two Ronnies on YouTube, discovering some very funny clips I've never heard of, being broadcast when I was very wee or not even born. This one was very good:

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