Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 2011 Review

Five months gone in 2011, and the time seems to be going quicker than ever. It's time for another wee review of what's been happening on the blog and in life in general. Despite being bloggerless for several days, we still managed to get 18 postings - not a huge number, but not bad given that we're in a busy time without the Rector on hand at the minute.

This month there were book reviews on The Empty Cross of Jesus by Michael Green, The Confession by John Grisham, and The Orange Order by Mervyn Jess. Another couple of books have been read, but the reviews will come next month. My reading also provoked a question about sermon prep.

After having been ill and missed a week at church, my preaching this month was from John 20 (audio), Psalm 32, John 21 and Psalm 24.

In other news, there was a holiday in Scotland, another McFlurry's McLinks, the dolphin boy, twittering clergy, and a steam train adventure. Who said life is dull and predictable?!

My favourite post this month was on Water Birth, and the photo of the month was Steamy Platform:
Steamy Platform

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