Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Top Referrers

Last year I compiled a list of the top ten blog referrers of 2010. As we're in the season for summing up the year and reflecting on what has passed, I thought I would have another look at referrers for this year:

1. After Darkness, Light. A non-mover at the top spot, my brother-in-law Bryan is still over in Dundee as a gospel worker.

2. For the Fainthearted. Ian Poulton has jumped from sixth to second, now working in a parish in County Laois.

3. Minister? Me?. Mrs Gerbil is a new entry, as she begins her studies for ministry in the Church of Scotland.

4. Clerical Whispers. This news and gossip site on all matters Catholic moves from fifth to fourth in this year's analysis.

5. Rambling Rural Rector. Craig's blog has slipped from third to fifth - but it's remarkable he's still there at all, given that his blog is now unavailable. This must have been based on referrals early in the year.

6. Virtual Methodist. David jumps from eight to six. It's nice to see referrals still coming from Dundonald after I've moved on.

7. Bishop Alan. A non-mover at seven, this English bishop continues to blog on matters of faith, culture and society.

8. The Diary of a Reformed Workaholic. Ali may have gone private, but there are still referrers coming in.

9. The Simple Pastor. Phil stays at nine, as he settles into life in Sweden on missions.

10. Opinionated Vicar. A blog break, a name change, and David Keen is back blogging again, and still sending enough referrers to hold on to tenth spot in this totally pointless and arbitrary list!

I'm thankful to these and lots more blogs and sites for sending readers this way, and hope that we continue to blog in the new year.

In other news, there were more referrals from Twitter than Facebook, and Google was the most used search engine to get to this site, with some interesting searches such as "naked prophet", "mr noah built an ark lyrics", "anger of the lord", "annoying paragraph", "ill people cured by mcflurry", and "seeing your reverend naked". Some very strange ones there - let's hope they found what they were looking for...

The big business of my blog seems to be the sermon resources available - of the 7759 search enquiries to land on my blog, 4239 of them had the word 'sermon' in them somewhere. Indeed, the top fifteen pages to be visited this year are all sermons, except for the homepage. Now, how do I monetize these resources?

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