Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review

This is now the final blog posting of 2011, and an opportunity to look back at the events of this year. All in all, there have been 248 posts, considerably less than last year, but not the lowest ever annual total.

We began the year in Dundonald, where I was the Curate of St Elizabeth's, but having been appointed as Rector of Aghavea in April, we moved house in August and I was instituted in September. Since then, we've been settling into the rectory, getting to know our parishioners and not get lost as much!
During the year, I turned 30, on the day of the royal wedding, and shared a special evening with some friends.
Birthday Blow
Over the course of this year I've preached roughly 57 times, conducted my first wedding, 5 baptisms, and 7 funerals. We also had the series of posts around Easter tracing The way of the cross.
Santa's Sleigh
We made it as far as New York over the Thanksgiving holidays, as well as spending some time in Scotland.
Glamis Castle
I also took some photos and read some books this year.

Here's to more blogging in the new year. For now, I wish you and yours a happy and blessed new year.

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