Tuesday, December 06, 2011

McFlurry's McLinks (26)

It's been a long time since the last generous portion of linkable treats from the blogs. Here are a few of the best things you should read:

The Simple Pastor considered pay in a megachurch. Still on ministry matters, The Proclaimer suggests a different way of doing funerals. I found this atheist's wedding vows very sad (and with a few rude words).

Unashamed workman (who doesn't seem to be posting as much these days) had some advice for brand new Christians.

We're coming towards Christmas and Failbook shared an angelic message, while Clients From Hell shares a licence to print money. Have a look at granny's chopsticks. Also, it's not just the Queen that has more than one birthday in the year - but would you realise if your friend had several in a month?

Ever tried underwater photography? Read about this camera that washed ashore after a year of being lost at sea. Also in photography, there's a fair chance that my pictures were recently displayed in a gallery - if you can spot them! This Camera Ball looks pretty cool. So does this series of tidying up pictures - pity the poor assistant in the alphabet soup!

Still on a technology theme, it appears there were fewer traffic collisions when Blackberries weren't working recently in Dubai. Opinionated Vicar shared an infographic on that things we don't talk about. If you like old-school technology, check out the ever-expanding rainbow of crayons. Check out this library looking like a library. These guys obviously haven't heard of Health and Safety.

For this edition's video, even though I don't understand baseball, this training clip is amazing:

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