Friday, December 30, 2011

Book Review: The King is Here

The King is here, the Gospel according to Matthew declares, which Marcus Loane expounds in this wonderful little book. The book takes us from the genealogy of Jesus right through his birth, teaching, miracles, disputes, trial, crucifixion to the resurrection and the great commission, proclaiming the kingship of Jesus in every chapter. 

Loane, the former Archbishop of Sydney, is an excellent Bible teacher, and in this volume he picks one or two verses from each chapter of Matthew, tracing the kingship of Jesus and reminding us that the King is here. But he doesn't just cherry pick a verse to suit his own purposes, he expounds the verse in context of the chapter, as well as showing the links to the whole canon. The result is, in effect, a crash course in the gospel of Matthew. 

The teaching is gentle and gracious in style, with direct and fitting application which comes straight from the passage. It's a good read which opens up the gospel in a clear way from start to finish. 

There's also a bonus chapter on the author of the first gospel which, in contemporary academic circles continues to be debated. Loane answers the objections and shows simply and clearly why Matthew/Levi is definitely the author. 

This would be a useful help for someone hoping to read through Matthew at the start of the new year (or indeed at any time!). There is even the possibility of reading a chapter per day, as well as Loane's comments on that chapter, which would be a profitable course of study. There will also be value for the Bible teacher working through Matthew, as Loane has a great turn of phrase with some memorable one liners that could be used in sermons. 

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