Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Night

So here we are... Christmas Night and it is all nearly over for another year. Today has been busy busy, starting with last night! Following a near disaster in the kitchen (whereby, after me making my dinner, I proceeded to turn the cooker off whilst the turkey was being cooked... whoops! Thankfully it was quickly discovered by the rest of the family). Then it was off to Dromara for a wee while in with the Wilky's, then back to Dromore with Lynsey in our house for a while before we went to church. Unaccompanied carol singing and First Communion of Christmas - what more could you want? Oh, especially when it was teamed with a couple of fire hazards when the candles stuck in the branches set fire to the said branches!!! Then back to Dromara in the freezing fog to leave Lynsey off home.

This morning was the usual Christmas morning, with the frenzy of wrapping paper and the presents. Out to church, and then back to the house before having lunch. This afternoon then, we played a couple of games - first up, the Telly Addicts dvd game. And the teams were set - 'oldies' (that is, the parents), versus the 'young ones' (me and Neil). The oldies took the first game by one point, but we managed to redeem the situation in the second game, winning by two points clear. So Neil and myself reasoned that we had won overall, given the fact that our total score was higher then theirs... but the parents are holding out for a draw, and calling for a rematch at some point in the near future!

The second game was one of those electric shock games, and we got the parents playing too. You know the sort, where when the light changes colour, you have to press the button, and the last one to press the button gets a wee shock. Well, we played a few rounds of that, with ma and Neil getting a few volts through them! Then we shifted to the extreme version, whereby the first person to press the button avoids the shock while the rest get it! And behold, I escaped the shock again!

Since then I haven't really been doing much - watched the new Lee Evans dvd which was one of my presents, and blogged... Nothing else to report! Have a good Christmas (if you happen to be reading this in the last few minutes of this Christmas night!)

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