Thursday, December 29, 2005

Lazy Hallion-ness

Yeah, ok, so I admit it. I am a lazy hallion. Not all the time, really, but just today. For no particular reason. But today, I definitely was. You see, I only rose from my bed at approximately 14:00... Shock horror! But I am on holidays, and I didn't sleep that whole time. I distinctly remember hearing the Simpsons being on TV (although I couldn't tell you anything about the episode), and I saw part of the cult film, The Goonies, and heard part of Neighbours. But sure, I'm on holiday, so I might as well take the good of it while it lasts! Just over a week to go now, and then it is back to porridge in Dublin for another few weeks until I'm off for the 'Easter holidays' at the start of March (even though Easter isn't until way later). And still those two essays haven't been done - the 'my view of pastoral ministry' one, and the Old Testament analysis of the reigns of Saul, David and Solomon according to the Biblical record found in Samuel, Kings and Chronicles.

Tonight we were bowling in the last game of the year. Now, bear in mind that I am still injured with that thumb (which is still sore), for which I got a tonne of slagging about, but I am pleased to report that I managed to win the game! Stewart finished second with about 110 or so, but I got 130. Bryan came third, just not being on form tonight at all. In the battle of the Wilky's, Lynsey triumphed, by two points, which was all the more interesting, seeing that twice the machine knocked over a pin for her when it was picking up the pins in between her goes. But we'll not mention those!!! Very surprisingly, Neil came last - a far cry from his days gone by of getting reasonably good scores in the alley at Lurgan.

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