Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Last week of term...

It's hard to imagine, but we're now halfway through the last week, and so far, no work has been done in terms of those two essays hovering over my head... Yes, it is probably my own fault, but I'm going to blame the Carol Service and other festivities here in the college. Monday night we were in Choir Practice, then I had a chat with Adrian, and then I came over all tired and wasn't fit for much else. And last night we had choir practice, then the resident first years and our systematics lecturer were painting branches and twigs white.

Why, I hear you ask, were we doing such things?

Well, our Christmas party tonight has a general theme of Narnia, and so, to represent the snow, we have lots of branches painted white, or sprayed with snow spray... and will have silvery tinsel overhead and all other such things. We're currently trying to work out a way of having the doors of the Jenkins Room turned into a wardrobe, so that you go 'through the wardrobe' to get to Narnia [and not getting into or out of the closet as some rather rude people are suggesting!]

To that end, we were away shopping this morning to get buckets of fake snow and other tacky decorations, and then in about 10 minutes we have choir practice... so today is being a busy busy day! I'd better head on... more update later, maybe!

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