Wednesday, December 28, 2005


So there we are, Christmas is but a distant memory again for another time. Boxing Day was spent in Dromara, with the Wilky's for another full Christmas Dinner and family time. We also went for a bit of an adventure up Slieve Croob.

Then yesterday we hit the shops in Belfast, but I didn't really get much... nor today in the Abbeycentre. And my evenings have mostly been spent in Heifer Ridge, or as it is known in English, Dromara. Even with the cold frosty weather which we're having at the minute... which led to lots of laughs for Lynsey and Mummy Wilky when I went on my bottom last night going out to the car. I also managed to somehow cut my thumb with my keys, so have a bit of a plaster on it at present. Ouch!

Oh - one thing I did buy which will be very beneficial in the future was a sort of Bible software thingy in Wesley Owen in Belfast, which contains 115 books as well as lots of versions of the Bible etc... all for the bargainous price of £16.50. And even better, it acts as an expansion of the English Standard Version bible software cd I received free from the publishers when I bought my new ESV small bible! So I'm all trigged up in terms of software and stuff!

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