Tuesday, February 06, 2007

600 not out!

So this is now my 600th posting, according to the Blogger records on my dashboard. And a wee bit of catch-up needs to be done, since my last posting. Sunday morning we went as usual to Logie & St John's Cross Church in Dundee (known locally as Logie's). The minister, David Scott was preaching on: Jesus on trial - the testimony to him, and the Jews on trial because they rejected him. Great stuff. And the sermon is available to download from the Logie's sermon downloads page, as are many more! We stayed on for coffee, and got chatting to lots of people (many with Norn Iron links!), which was great.

Sunday lunch, then, was haggis, neeps and tatties. Yes, that traditional Scottish fare, so soon after Burns Night - and my first experience of eating haggis. It was rather nice, actually, and something I would like to have again. Then we watched the Ireland v Wales 6 nations game before it was time for me to head back home again. Well, to Dublin anyway. And so the train journey back to Edinburgh. Then the bus journey out to the airport. Then the sit in the airport (as the Dublin flight is the last one out of Edinburgh on a Sunday night). Then the flight, and the wait for the luggage. It was just about 1am when I got back to college.

Any wonder I was wrecked yesterday, and had a bit of a sore head?! But it was worth it for the time I was able to spend with Lynsey.

College has been going on as normal, well, what I have seen of it. I haven't missed any classes, but went to bed at 6pm last night, first off lying on top of the bed til 9.30, then getting up for a few minutes and a chat with Lyns, and then back to bed again... That cleared the headache, thankfully, and I've been fine today!

We had Liz McElhinney speaking at College Fellowship tonight - great, encouraging stuff! Liz is on fire for the Lord - may we also have her passion and zeal!

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  1. The haggis in the picture looks disgusting!! would be enough to put everyone off it for life!