Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dundee again!

And so here I am in Scotland again, my first visit of 2007. Following the excitement of Thursday, with the self-appraisal interviews, and some provisional curacy news for the final year students, it was a very early start on Friday morning - 3am, to be exact! The M50 was quiet enough at that time, you'll be unsurprised to hear, and so I was in the airport nice and early. Yes, I'm the sort of person who likes to be nice and early to appointments, and especially the airport. Plus, it means I can sit and read, or watch the world go by.

I mostly chose the reading option, which meant that by the time I had landed in Scotland, I had read through Max Lucado's new book, 'Facing Your Giants.' It's on the life of David, and revolves around the maxim: Focus on giants - you stumble. Focus on God - your giants tumble.' Lucado is generally 'light' reading, but the illustrations are great, and his stories are always good. He is definitely a wordsmith, the way he turns memorable phrases and word plays out. Plus, he is always focused on Scripture, and teaching the message of the passage.

However, in my people-watching, I noticed a rugby team from Old Belvedere in Dublin who were flying out to Spain. Their destination was San Sebastian, and brought back good memories of last summer to me, and our day trip to the coastal town in Spain... and the heat of the place!!!

Having landed in Edinburgh as the dawn was breaking, I got into the city and left off my bag in the station. Then off for a wander, taking in breakfast in a wee cafe at the foot of the Castle Mount, with a great view of Edinburgh Castle. Pictures to follow on Flickr and here! I then couldn't miss my regular tour of bookshops in Edinburgh, along the Grassmarket and on out round the back of the Castle.

It's been great being back in Dundee and seeing Lyns again! Today we got a trip to the hospital (no, don't worry, neither of us are sick, bad and bokey) and then into the city centre for some book browsing and other shopping. Tonight the meal was in Rancho Pancho, and was delicious - Mexican food, so a wee bit spicy - my usual order of fajitas!

But the weekend is too short, and so tomorrow it's back to Dublin again...

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