Friday, February 23, 2007

Electoral Videos

As you may be aware, we have the Assembly Elections coming up on 7th March 2007 in Northern Ireland. To some extent, it's being seen as a referendum on the St Andrew's Agreement, and could see power-sharing between the DUP and Sinn Fein. It seems that the parties are tapping into popular culture, using blogs and even YouTube to get their message across.

First up, Peter Robinson has started a daily webcast video on YouTube. This is quite a step forward, with Robinson attempting to explain why the DUP are the party to support through the medium of internet video. Also from the DUP, check out the Lagan Valley candidates out canvassing in Lisburn. The Green Party has also got in on the act - here, you can see the North Down candidate's video.

Also, check out the Voice4Democracy blog, supported by people who are opposing the DUP in this election, and who are unhappy with the prospect of terrorists in government. Some interesting reading, and check out the videos of DUP Executive candidates entering the Executive meeting - how they blank the victims' representatives.

For me, it's going to be a postal vote from Dublin as I won't be home for it. So decision time will be sooner than March 7th!


  1. It certainly makes for an interesting election campaign. Personally, I think that a two way spilt, or even worse, a three way split, would be disastrous for unionism. We need a strong hand going into the next phase of things, and I think there is only one way of achieving this. The reality is that even if theres a sizeable anti agreement vote, which i don't think there will be, the governments will plough on ahead. Its time for unionists to be confident and to put their confidence in the candidates who are giving us a strong confident voice.