Monday, February 19, 2007

'The Loard be wi ye'

I think I've written before about the times when I break into a flurry of Ulster-Scots. Sometimes in conversation, and sometimes it happens when I'm reading or preaching in church. Suddenly, I find myself pronouncing words as if I'm frae Ballymena.

And so it was that this evening I was leading the Evening Worship (makey-uppy) service in college chapel. 5pm arrived, and I stood to give the opening words of the sentence: 'The Lord be with you.' Except, it seems that I didn't say that. Rather, it was more like 'The Loard be wi ye'... I didn't notice at the time, but others did, and smiled... laughter would have been a bad thing, as it would have been infectious! But it was only after Late Praise that they told me about it!

For my excuse, I'm going to blame the Kilkeel people I had contact with over the weekend... maybe listening to them talk put the Ullans back in my head and it found a way out of my mouth when I started the service tonight!

Fair fa' ye!

1 comment :

  1. haha! thats funny!!
    Sorry if it was partly my fault too! Im probably not the best influence seeing as my accent is rather confused at the moment!!
    Hope your having a good day! xo