Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back to Porridge

I'm back in Dublin once again, and the regular routine begins tomorrow, with a 9 o'clock lecture in Trinity. Ouch! I've said this before, but where did those four weeks of holidays go?

Was up early this morning taking Lynsey back to Aldergrove for her flight to Edinburgh, then visited a church on the curacy list. This afternoon I took mum and dad to a funeral at mum's home church - while they were at it I went for a wee drive and then sat reading - finished off Alistair McGrath's response to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, which is appropriately titled The Dawkins Delusion.

The journey down to Dublin was rough enough - and not just because of the company (only joking Robert!). There was heavy rain the whole way from Banbridge to south of the Boyne, but it isn't too bad here.

So where do we go from here? Tomorrow starts the Hillary Term (or is it Hilary Term?), which runs until the first week of March and our next holidays. All in all, there are just thirteen weeks of term time left in college (with three weeks of holiday in the middle), three weeks revision, and two weeks exams, and I will be finished. Scary when you put it like that!

Most of the formal interviews on the Curacy List are next week, and then D-Day is the 31st January. So, as ever, we need your prayers! Continue to pray for us students and the rectors as we seek to discern God's call for where we should be labouring in the next three years. And pray that we will keep at the studies, with a 10,000 word dissertation due for the end of March and about 5 or 6 essays also to be written. I can see that it would be so easy to get distracted by curacies and weddings and jobs and houses and wiis and you name it!

Anyways, time for another bowl of that porridge!

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