Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Spiral Staircase

Last night we had Baden Stanley preaching in the College Chapel. Baden is the Rector of Bray, and used a very useful illustration for the decline in society, and the growing wickedness. He likened it to being on a spiral staircase.

If we were on a normal staircase, and could see the bottom, the end consequences of where we are headed, we wouldn't go there. We would get off the stairs. But society is more like a spiral staircase - we can't see the bottom, just the next step down. It's so easy to go down one step - it doesn't seem like very much, not much different to where we were. But we are progressing down and down.

The only answer is to repent - to turn, and to seek to climb the stairs again, one step at a time, through God's grace.

This was by no means the whole sermon, just a useful illustration I thought I would blog, share and remember!

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