Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interviews, Check! Essays, Check!

College life at the minute seems like one big checklist of things to be completed, all by last Tuesday, if you please. Last night, I had my final interview of the Curacy List, and it seemed to go quite well. We'll see next Thursday when the preferences are brought together and the promises of offers are made.

Tonight I managed to get the final essay of the first semester finished off. Yes, I know that we're already into the second semester, but our Anglicanism essay had a nice deadline of this Friday coming. So that's the first batch of essays done.

Looking ahead, the next items on the checklist are finding out what parishes we'll be working in (Thursday week), five more essays (so far three for March and two for after the Easter holidays in April), and the Major Integrated Project - more commonly known around here as the dissertation. It's due in for the 31st March, all nicely bound and presented, but the week before a certain crowd of ordinands will be touring Pisa and Florence, so we'll need to have them finished before we jet off.

And that will be all the work needed for college, except for the 'dreaded E word' - exams. But we'll not worry about them just yet. Sure they're ages away!

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