Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Downes in the Dumps (2008 remix)

The Downes Oratory Prize is one of the noble traditions in the Church of Ireland Theological College (CITC). Each year, there is a prize offered for a person in each year who shines in the art of oratory. In previous times this was in a preaching format, but last year and this, it has taken the form of a debating competition.

Tonight was the Downes Oratory for this year, and I came second. Out of two. But to be fair, Stephen is gifted in the art of debating, with a quick wit and meticulous preparation. I entered to ensure that he had to do something at least to win the prize!

The evening was very good, though, with some interesting talents displayed in the other years as well - I've never seen anyone singing their argument at a debate before, so that was a first! The craic was mighty, and well worth the evening away from studies.

Just one proper day of term left, and it's promising to be packed as well, and then the Community Weekend. Here we go!

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