Friday, April 11, 2008

His Nibs - Neil Cowley Trio

I'm not quite sure how or why, but I always seem to discover music I like a long time after everyone else has discovered it. One example was Muse - for years I had heard young Dave going on about them, but had never heard them myself. Then one day I did, and have liked their music ever since - as well as trying to work out what they're really saying on themes of sin and justice etc.

Well, the same has happened with the Neil Cowley Trio. I rarely ever watch Jools Holland, except maybe the Hootenanny Special on New Years Eve, but last week when Lynsey was home, it was on and I saw them play this track. I think they're great!

I've since discovered that they had their debut album out in 2006, and a new one just last month, but until I get them I've been listening and watching on youtube and the usual places.

Hope you like them too!

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