Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Viva Las CITC!

How quickly our last week of term seems to be going! Tomorrow we have our viva voce exam - the oral part of the pastoral elements of the course. Fifty minutes to talk about the project, two submitted sermons, and the overall learning of the course. It's all assessed by the external examiner who conducts the interview, and goes towards half of the pastoral section, which is a third of the final mark. So by getting 50% tomorrow on the pastoral section overall (if I get that much), I'll go into the final exams with 17% of the total final mark already in the bag. Passmark 40%.

With most things we're doing this week we keep remarking that 'that's the last time we'll ...' Strange how the time goes, and whereas the Dublin experience seemed new and daunting, we're now ready to move on, and are looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead. Yes, there are things I'll miss about the city and the college, but it's all in perspective.

Tonight we had the last College Fellowship of the year, and the guys were praying for us as we leave - it's interesting how people might say things in prayer that they wouldn't say in normal conversation or one-to-one. Reminds me again of the title of the book on Encouragement by Derick Bingham - 'Don't wait til he's dead!'

Still, it was encouraging to be prayed for. It felt as if we were being sent out by the Fellowship and their prayers go with us. Some verses were given to me as well, so I'll be reflecting on them again and again in the days to come, and maybe I'll blog a bit more about them.

For now, though, it's off to bed and hopefully a good sleep before the oral in the morning. Viva CITC!

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  1. Prayers being said for your final exams and stuff as you head towards the end, sure you will go well and look forward to hearing what God has in store for you in the future.