Sunday, April 27, 2008

Study Weeks

Well, the final week of term has passed, and my college experience is coming to an end. The essays have been handed in, the work has been done, and three weeks of study have opened up.

The last week of term was probably the most busy of the entire three years. There were some essays to finish. We had the Viva Voce. We had the final year students' trip to the RCB (Representative Church Body). We had the Downes Oratory Prize. We had the Viking Splash Tour. We had the Community Weekend. And it's all over now. Three study weeks, two weeks of exam and I'm out of Dublin.

Community Weekend was fun - it's the lot of the final year students to put on a family friendly weekend for students and their families. Friday night we did a barbecue on the lawn (thankfully the rain stayed away, and it was bearable enough - no one got frostbite!). Then we had some School Sports Day events - relay races and ball games. Saturday morning we had Adrian Dorrian speaking in the two sessions - looking at times and seasons in our lives, and thinking about the baptism of Jesus and the Lord's Supper. Free afternoon, and then in the evening we hosted a TV Quiz Show night - rounds of Catchphrase, Family Fortunes, Just a Minute, Mr & Mrs (where a couple who aren't a couple got a better result than the married couple!), The Price is Right, Countdown, and a Theme Tunes round. All went very well, but we got to see that some students are very competitive! This morning we had our Family Communion service where Adrian celebrated and preached. All weekend, we also had a Wii bowling competition going in one of the rooms which was good crack as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to hear Vaughan Roberts speaking in Jordanstown, which should be a good day. And so off to bed!

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